Camera crews, the smallest production units in the film industry and called "ENG" in the TV professional jargon, consist of a cameraman and a sound engineer. Such teams” are fast, flexible and often on the road at unusual hours. Three to four units are available at SCHAWA tv and SCHAWA media on a daily basis. They work for domestic and foreign TV stations and produce film projects for the industry and for service companies.


Camrea technology
Sony PDW-700/680 XDCam
Recording: HD 1080/720
Filing: Dual Layer bzw. Single Layer Professional Disc


Panasonic HPX 500
Recording: HD 1080/720
Filing: P2 Professional Discs
Laptop for the review and data saving on hard disc.
Recording also possible in SD.


Large size (35mm sensor)
Sony PMW F5 / Sony FS7 / Canon 5D Mark III

SCHAWA Hotline

Day and Night - 24 hours 7 days a week. ENG-, editing-, BNS- and  SNG services.

+49 (0)700 SCHAWAtv or +49 (0) 700 724 292 88



There is no need to mention, that we edit your films in HD with complete service. More...

So einfach wie noch nie Live im Netz

"SCHAWA web" ist das Business Videoportal, das wir entwickelt haben, um unseren Kunden einen Live-Stream ins Netz, so einfach wie möglich zu machen. Ausgestattet mit Player, Playlisten und Informationsfeldern. Das Ganze verknüpft mit einer Mediathek und der Möglichkeit, Sponsoren-Werbung zu schalten. Und das alles im Kunden-CI.