Film Genres

Distinct analysis, applicable concepts and a good portion of lived emotions, those are; the components our films are made of.  We work for advertising and public relation companies and offer a wide range of services including the creation of an effective in-house communication. SCHAWA media covers the entire workflow of a film or a video production: writing of the scripts or storyboards, casting, location scouting, shooting, editing, animation, language sound recording and encoding.


Video clips for the Web
Exact information.

Commercial / Eye Catcher
The focus lies on the message.

Image Film / Corporate Video

The sum of performance and corporate philosophy.


Executives portray their company.

PR-Video / Viral Video
Public Relation has many facettes.

Product Presentations
Your products are presented in a business-like manner.

Industrial Film
Modern production processes are shown in a transparent manner.

Training Film / Instructions

Knowledge is offered in a professional manner.

Documentation / Report / Success Story

Projects and success stories are communicated with an aiming accuracy.

Live Recording

An event is recorded with several cameras and broadcast on vidiwalls or to other locations.

Web TV / Video News Releases / Footage

Reports, edited films, features or raw cuts for TV and internet.

Film Gallery

You can see examples in our film gallery.

Blu-ray Disc

We master blu-ray discs, high definition on disc. More...

Films for the Web

On which platform do you want to place your film production? We digitalize the films into the fitting formats. More...

So einfach wie noch nie Live im Netz

"SCHAWA web" ist das Business Videoportal, das wir entwickelt haben, um unseren Kunden einen Live-Stream ins Netz, so einfach wie möglich zu machen. Ausgestattet mit Player, Playlisten und Informationsfeldern. Das Ganze verknüpft mit einer Mediathek und der Möglichkeit, Sponsoren-Werbung zu schalten. Und das alles im Kunden-CI.