To start on a low-budget production and to achieve just the same great results. With our basic package we keep your expenses within the budget and, at the same time, we offer you the advantage to extend or to change the film project at any time. We file the projects in such a way that raw material and edited data are permanently available thus enabling you to use the material for future film projects.



The first-time user`s package. A slide-show or a video of approximately 1-3 minutes. Short and precise. Services included: conception/script / 1-2 shooting days / 1-2 days of post-production / Blu-ray/encoding in DVD/PAL or a web format.



The package for small or medium enterprises. A film about a product, a production line or about the company with a length of approximately 3-10 minutes. Services included: conception/script / 2-3 shooting days / 2-3 days of post-production / encoding in DVD/PAL, Blu-ray, in a HD format or web format.



A film production of high standards, in a stylish manner, exactly to the point and full of emotions and, of course, in HD. Services included: conception/script / shooting days and post-production / 3D animation / 2D-animation/encoding in all formats wanted.


Please ask for a not-binding offer or contact us for a counseling interview free of charge.



Blu-ray Disc

We master blu-ray discs, high definition on disc. More...

Films for the Web

On which platform do you want to place your film production? We digitalize the films into the fitting formats. More...

So einfach wie noch nie Live im Netz

"SCHAWA web" ist das Business Videoportal, das wir entwickelt haben, um unseren Kunden einen Live-Stream ins Netz, so einfach wie möglich zu machen. Ausgestattet mit Player, Playlisten und Informationsfeldern. Das Ganze verknüpft mit einer Mediathek und der Möglichkeit, Sponsoren-Werbung zu schalten. Und das alles im Kunden-CI.