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A creative process provided by a capable team brings the best results and a critical distance to one’s own success is the best preparation for new challenges. This is a part of our company's philosophy. One of the essentials of SCHAWA tv is its competence in the TV business: news, coverage, features, documentations, live coverage. Especially for the SWR broadcast station and the third channels of the government stations. However, also private and foreign broadcast networks use the services offered by SCHAWA tv GmbH.

The competence of SCHAWA media GmbH shows itself in cinematic communication forms for industry and service companies. The portfolio includes image films, product presentation, success story, in-house communication and films for training purposes. Agencies, public institutions and companies are our clients.


A short outline

1982 Foundation of SCHAWA tv film, video and TV productions      
1984 Entry into the transfer technology with a 2 camera OB vehicle      
1990 Start as producer of documentations and TV features      
1999 Marketability of the first satellite mobile with 3 cameras      
2001 Foundation of the affiliate SCHAWA media and separation of the areas ”TV production” (SCHAWA tv) and ”film and video production, media solutions” (SCHAWA media)      
2002 Start of the contract work for the SWR broadcast formats ”Fahr mal hin” and ”Schätze des Landes”      
2005 Marketability of the second satellite mobile with 4 cameras      
2008 Expansion of the production technology by adding a HD cutting studio and a HD camera pool      
2011 SCHAWA media and SCHAWA tv convert its entire post production into HD technology      
2012 Conversion of SNG 2 to HD technology      
2013 Development of the streaming portal SCHAWA.tv      
2014 Conversion of the OB vehicle to HD technology      
2015 Conversion of SNG 1 to HD technology      

SCHAWA Hotline

Day and Night - 24 hours 7 days a week. ENG-, editing-, BNS- and  SNG services.

+49 (0)700 SCHAWAtv or +49 (0) 700 724 292 88


Basic to Premium

To start on a low-budget production and to achieve great results just the same. More...

Blu-ray Disc

We master blu-ray discs, high definition on disc. More...

So einfach wie noch nie Live im Netz

"SCHAWA web" ist das Business Videoportal, das wir entwickelt haben, um unseren Kunden einen Live-Stream ins Netz, so einfach wie möglich zu machen. Ausgestattet mit Player, Playlisten und Informationsfeldern. Das Ganze verknüpft mit einer Mediathek und der Möglichkeit, Sponsoren-Werbung zu schalten. Und das alles im Kunden-CI.