SCHAWA tv is one of the leading TV service providers in the South of Germany. With a wide range of services which is quite unique: news, reports, features, documentations and live coverage. Our teams of authors and directors as well as our production team are experienced in every field and they are reliable. We are producing entire programs or we offer partial support like i.e. camera crews, editing studios or mobile broadcasting technology.

The up-to-date reporting has been one of the essential parts of the work of SCHAWA tv GmbH since the establishment of the company. Nearly on a daily basis our camera crews are on the road for the public and private stations and we transfer on a regular basis visual material via our BNS-line into the control rooms.

Live Coverage and Videotaping

There is no great event in Baden-Württemberg without a SNG or an OB van of SCHAWA tv being on the spot. Always with a team of experts. We have been familiar with "live broadcasting" for many years. And, by the way, the first private SNG in the area of Stuttgart comes out of the technical pool of SCHAWA tv.

Coverage / Features / Documentations

Since 2001, we have been broadcasting half-hour formats for SWR. More than 50 TV programs for ”Fahr mal hin” and ”Schätze des Landes” have already been produced, from the script to the master tape.

Film Gallery

You can see examples in our film gallery.

SCHAWA Hotline

Day and Night - 24 hours 7 days a week. ENG-, editing-, BNS- and  SNG services.

+49 (0)700 SCHAWAtv or +49 (0) 700 724 292 88


HD-Camera Crews

Beside the classical SD-recording we are shooting in HD. Fast, flexible and professional. More...


There is no need to mention, that we edit your films in HD with complete service. More...

So einfach wie noch nie Live im Netz

"SCHAWA web" ist das Business Videoportal, das wir entwickelt haben, um unseren Kunden einen Live-Stream ins Netz, so einfach wie möglich zu machen. Ausgestattet mit Player, Playlisten und Informationsfeldern. Das Ganze verknüpft mit einer Mediathek und der Möglichkeit, Sponsoren-Werbung zu schalten. Und das alles im Kunden-CI.